Guinea Pigs Need Fresh Vegetables

Guinea pigs

guinea-pig-eating-Fresh-VegetablesGuinea pigs should consume a small amount (approximately 1 cup) of fresh vegetables each day to obtain essential nutrients and an additional source of vitamin C.


Be sure to thoroughly wash your vegetables before serving them to your guinea pigs to prevent them from ingesting harmful pesticides or even contracting salmonella.

Organic vegetables are best if available. Never feed your guinea pig spoiled or wilted food as they can provide digestive upsets in their system.


It is important to slowly introduce vegetables a little at a time to see what agrees with their systems and to figure out their taste preferences. Be sure to provide a nice variety of vegetables to your guinea pigs to help maintain their health.


The following is a recommended list of fresh vegetables that are safe and healthy for your guinea pigs:

Romaine, Red leaf, Green leaf lettuce

Red/Swiss Chard


Kale *high in Calcium

Dandelion greens


Corn husks & silk

Parsley (Curly or Flat Leaf) *high in Calcium


Red/Green Bell Peppers

Clover/Wheat Grass

Carrots *no more than 1 baby carrot per day per pig








Celery and Seedless Cucumber (sparingly)


Guinea pigs are herbivores, therefore should never consume animal products (including dairy)

Never feed your guinea pig the following:

Dried fruit, seeds, or nuts

Treats that contain refined sugars, dairy or meat products (Yogurt drops, Guinea pig croissants, other treats)

Seeds with husks (i.e. sunflower seeds) as they present a choking hazard

Cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, collards, bok choy, broccoli) can cause gas and bloat in your guinea pig, which can be lethal

Salt or mineral wheels

Multivitamins (excessive amounts of fat soluable Vitamin A & D can be detrimental to your guinea pigs health)

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